Garage Doors

Garage doors add increased street appeal to your property whilst providing you with added security and protection from the elements. Garage doors come in a variety of colors and styles so as to add character to any home. They may be operated either manually, spring assisted or may be motorized, with a variety of them having remote control access which allows you the freedom of opening the garage door without even having to exit your vehicle. You can continue to read the information below to gain more insight in the different types of garage doors that are available or look at our page about garage door openers.

One Piece Up and Over Garage Doors

One piece up and over garage doors were the first on the market to replace the traditional barn type hinged doors. They are made in one piece and slide upwards and outwards when opened. They generally have a torsion spring which is inbuilt into the axle, this gives greater assistance when opening or closing them.

One piece garage doors can be made from a range of materials, and is generally made from a galvanized steel panel assembled onto a welded steel frame. The one piece garage door is then painted in your choice of color that is available within the manufacturer’s range.

These one piece up and over garage doors utilizes well known technology, are cost effective to make and easy to fit. They are simple to automate to allow you to use a garage door opener. Whilst there are many benefits to this design they are not without their downfalls. In order to open the door the vehicle may not be too close the garage door or anything for that matter as they open outwards therefore they can be quite obtrusive overhead when open.

Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional garage doors are made using panels that are hinged together. They are generally made of three to four panels and are comprised of steel or aluminium, these are fitted to a steel frame. The garage door panels may be pressed so as to provide a variety of different finishes such as a recessed panel look, faux wood grain, and may even be molded in such a way that the garage door appears to be made from timber boards.

When the sectional garage door is raised the panels ride in a vertical track which curves into a horizontal track across the ceiling of the garage. When fully raised the sectional garage door becomes parallel to the ground, just below the ceiling of the garage.

The benefits of a Sectional garage doors is that the design will allow you to park a car against the door when opening them or closing them as the door slides up into the garage roof cavity. The automation of the garage door is done effortlessly through a chain or belt drive motor simply opening or closing the garage door up and down through its guides. From an aesthetic point of view the molding of the panels allows you to choose a design and color that provides the best style and character to your property.

One of the downsides of the sectional door is that as the door slides up into the ceiling of the garage this means that the roof cannot be used for storage. The sectional door can also be more expensive, but of course allows you the option of designs and colors.

Roll Up Garage Doors

One piece roll up garage doors are made up of panels of ridged or corrugated rolled steel. These garage doors are known as one piece roll up doors as widths of the panel are seam welded to produce a door that is of the correct width and height. The roller panel rests in vertical guides mounted on the door opening; the entire panel rolls up onto an axle mounted on the inside and above the door opening. The steel panel can be color coordinated to suit the style and color of the home.

One piece roll up garage doors offer absolute ease of use and take up an absolute minimum amount of space within the garage when raised, they may also be used with a remote control making access to the garage a lot easier. These garage doors are also fairly cost effective for the home owner to purchase.

Their downside is that the ridged surface of the door may be seen as unattractive by some home owners.

Garage Door Openers

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