Steel Palisade Fencing

Palisade fencing offers a high security alternative to fencing your property. With strong construction and intimidating appearance it provides a daunting barrier against intruders. Palisade fences are also known as corrugate pale fencing. Steel palisade fences comprise three main components. The vertical 'pales' are the uprights, the rails run horizontally and it is to these that the pales are welded or bolted. The final component is the post which are put into the ground and concreted or bolted to an existing foundation.

Palisade Fencing Construction

The pales of palisade fencing are steel and can be cold or hot rolled. It is preferrable to have cold rolled pales as they have been work hardened during the rolling process and will have a higher yield stress compared with hot rolled items. The pales themselves can have two different profiles. The traditional 'D' profile or the 'W' section. The 'W' section is preferable as the head of the bolts fixing the pale to the rails is more concelead and thus is harder to compromise. Also, due to the geometry of the 'W' section it has a greater bending stiffness and thus is a stronger section that the 'D' section. The thickness of the steel the pales are rolled from can vary 2 to 4 millimeters. Often, the W section is only available in thinner material.

The pales can be welded to the fence rails or as is more commonly found, can be bolted or riveted. The actual steel palisade fence itself can be constructed from pre-made panels delivered to the site. It can also be delivered to the site completely disassembled into pales, rails, posts, and fixing bolts or rivets. This can be handly especially if the palisade fence site is hilly. The pales of the pallisade fence can be set up and down on the rails to allow for the contours of the land.

If palisade fencing is not welded it will use bolts or cold formed rivets to fix the pales to the fence rail. Ideally a security type head or shear off bolts should be used if bolts are chosen for the palisade fence. This will prevent would be intruders simply un bolting the palisade fence with a standard socket and wrench set.

Palisade fencing rails and posts are standard rolled steel sections available from most steel merchants. The size of the posts and rails should be determined by the height of the palisade fence and the span betweent the palisade fence posts.

Palisade Fence Appearance

Typically a palisade fence is supplied in a galvanised finish that can be painted or powder coated to any appropriate colour.

Palisade Fence Size

Steel Palisade fences can range from 1.2 meters high right up to 3.6 meters high.