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Roller Shutter Motors

Roller shutters can be motorized for ease of use and integration with home automation systems. Roller shutter motors will either work from the alternating current (AC) electrical system of your home or can work from low voltage direct current (DC) power sources like batteries or solar panels.

A key advantage of electrical roller shutter motors is that they can ne integrated with home automation systems. This would enable the home user to control all the roller shutters on a home from a central location. Possibilities could also include automatic shutter operation based on room temperature or noise levels.

Roller shutters can be raised and lowered by the home owner. When lowered they provide excellent noise and light isolation, and a higher level of security. When raised they are unobtrusive in appearance both internally and externally.

Tubular Motors

By far and away the most common form of roller shutter motor is the tubular motor that connects to the mains power supply in your home. A tubular motor fits inside the axle of the roller shutter, and usually looks like a metal tube with a flange on one end. Hence the name 'tubular motor'.

The advantages of this system is that it is unobstrusive to both the eye and ear from within the home. The main disadvantage is the high cost, and the high cost of installation, as generally a qualified electrician will be required to install the roller shutter tubular motor. There are some tubular motors that run from low voltage that do not require an electrician but again these are costly and are not used very widely.

Other Roller Shutter Motors

There are a number of other types of roller shutter motors. Most of these operate from low voltage direct current supplies (typically 12 volts). The most common utilizes large capacity lead acid batteries that are charged from either solar panels or from the mains supply of the house. These systems are very expensive both in terms of installation costs and up front purchase costs.

Typically these other Roller Shutter Motors are either tubular fitting into the axle of the roller shutter, or may be a flat or disc type motor. These flat or disc type motors fit into the 'head box' of the roller shutter at one end of the axle.

There is a new type of low voltage motor entering the market. This is a flat or disc type motor that operates from rechargeable batteries and is much cheaper to buy and install than all other roller shutter motors. Please email us for more information.


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