Roller Shutters

Changing times have lead to a demand for increased security and energy efficiency in the home. Roller Shutters are an ideal solution to this demand, and do so effectively and attractively. Domestic roller shutters have a much lower profile that commerical roller shutters, and are available in many different styles and colors. In addition special models are available such as extruded aluminium roller shutters for extra security, and foam filled models for greater heat and noise insulation characteristics.

Roller shutters can be raised and lowered by the home owner. When lowered they provide excellent noise and light isolation, and a higher level of security. When raised they are unobtrusive in appearance both internally and externally.

Fitting Window Roller Shutters

In a typical application roller shutters will be installed over a window. They can be fit onto the window in numerous ways. During building construction they may be built into the wall for a truly integrated appearance. When fitted after construction as a home improvement they can be fitted to the wall, in the window reveal, or with the 'roll' of the roller shutter into the eave above the window.

Operation of Roller Shutters

Roller shutters can be operated from within the house using a number of different control methods.

Manual methods include the winder method or the tape method. In the winder method a crank handle is attached to the interior wall and this crank is attached to a tape or cord that is passed through the wall and turns the roller shutter axle. The manual tape method passes a tape that is wound around a pulley on the roller shutter axle through the wall to an intertia reel tape spool on the internal wall.

Automatic methods involve electric motors fitted into the axle of the roller shutter (a tubular motor) or into one end of the roller shutter. These electric motors can have a switch on the inside wall of the home, or may be controlled by a remote control. The motors can be powered by the domestic electricity system, or may be powered low voltage power sources such as solar panels, storage battery systems, or rechargeable batteries. You can read more about Roller Shutter Motors.

Components of a Roller Shutter

A window roller shutter comprises three main components, the head box assembly that sits at the top of the window, the curtain of the roller shutter, and the guides that hold the curtain onto the wall.

The head box assembly comprises the box and end plates that are visible, and internally comprises an axle, and the various control parts such as motors, pulleys, and so forth.

The curtain comprises a series of slats cut to length and fitted together to form a curtain. The slat is usually rolled aluminium, and may be filled with foam for extra security and insulation.

The guides are usually extruded aluminium painted to suit the color of the roller shutter. The roller shutter curtain fits into the guides and runs up and down inside of them as the roller shutter is raised and lowered.

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