Roof Restorations

Roof restoration is basically roof maintenance that should be performed before your roof gets in bad condition in order to keep your roof in great condition for many years to come. Typically, roof restoration includes identifying any weaknesses in your roof and repairing them as well as upgrading materials used in the construction of your roof if necessary. Finally, most roof restoration processes include a final protective waterproof coat.

However, the details of roof restoration that apply to your roof depend upon the type of roof you have. For example, an old roof from the 1800ís will need to be restored differently than a slate roof and a tiled roof restoration will be handled differently than a shingled roof restoration. Fortunately, there are plenty of contractors experienced in all types of roof restoration that will be able to help you restore your roof.

When you hire a contractor for roof restoration you will be pleased to learn that not only will you be preserving the life of your roof and the ultimate cost of replacing your roof, but you will also experience such benefits as increased energy efficiency and ultimately lower power bills. Although lower power bills are a great advantage of roof restoration, the most cost effective reason to choose roof restoration is to avoid paying the replacement cost of a new roof somewhere down the road.

The cost of roof restoration will depend on the type of roof you have, however an average rule of thumb for roof restoration regardless of your roof type is approximately one third of the price of a new roof. When you consider a new roof can cost around $25,000 or more and only lasts for 10- 15 years without roof restoration it makes common money sense to pay for a roof restoration that will extend the life of your roof for up to 50 years or more.