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August 20, 2000

Offer Made and Accepted

Rang the real estate agent at around 9:00am this morning and told him he I wanted to put in an offer on the block of land. He duly faxed me the standard offer form. An offer for $136,000 was faxed back. Within 10 minutes he called me and said even though the offer was on the low end of the asking range he would put it to the vendor. He rang again 10 minutes later explaining how the vendor was very dissappointed and really wanted more. I explained to him that the land was for investment purposes and would rather look elsewhere for land than pay more. He accepted this and spoke some more to the vendor. Two similar phone calls took place and about an hour later the vendor accepted our offer! Woohoo!

The agent made arrangements to come see us at our house tomorrow night to sign the sale contract.

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