Tiled Roof Restoration

Tile roof restoration can indeed be a valuable exercise as it will not only protect your roof but extend its life significantly. Roof restoration includes cleaning the tiles, replacing chipped tiles or areas that show weakness and coating the tiles with a protective surface. Tile roof restoration is cost effective as installing a completely new roof can cost you approximately three times the amount of money that a tile roof restoration can. As the process of tile roof restoration includes applying a protective surface to the roof the restoration can extend the life of your current roof for anywhere up to 50 years. A tile restoration not only extends the roof life it can enhance the appearance of your property, as the restoration involves cleaning off moss and mildew, the house can look much more attractive.

It is unfortunate that many homeowners will never learn the benefits of tile roof restoration until it is too late, when the tiles are badly damaged and are beyond a roof restoration. In this situation a costly roof replacement is required. Whilst it is not a cheap exercise to get a tile roof restoration done on your house, it most certainly can be in the long run a worth while investment.