Tiled Roof Restoration

Tile roof restoration is an important choice to make if you have a tile roof. The reason for this is you need to protect your roof and by having tile roof restoration you will not only protect your roof but extend its life significantly. Another benefit of tile roof restoration is it is cost effective.

For example, a new roof will cost you approximately triple the amount of money a tile roof restoration will. Not only will a new roof cost more, but if it is never restored and treated it wonít last very long and you will have to have another roof installed as well. However, when you choose tile roof restoration you save yourself money as well as the headache of having a new roof installed. Tile roof restoration will extend the life of your current roof up to 50 years.

Also, a tile roof restoration will increase the beauty of your tile roof because moss and other plant growths will be removed and a protective seal will be applied to your roof, ultimately extending its life and making it more attractive as well.

Unfortunately, many homeowners never learn the benefits of tile roof restoration until after it is too late and they need a new roof. Donít let this happen to you. Instead, after you have a new roof installed you will need to have a tile roof restoration preformed within a period of a few years. This is because a new roof lasts between 10-15 years if it is not restored, however with tile roof restoration you will be able to enjoy the same roof for up to 50 years. Do some basic math and you will see that while tile roof restoration might be an expensive investment, it is an investment considerably cheaper than the one you will eventually be required to make if you donít choose to have tile roof restoration.