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Registering Timesheets Lite

By Mark Nemtsas at 1:10 PM

When you purchase Timesheets Lite you'll get an email from us containing your registration details. These details can be entered on the Help->Registration screen of Timesheets Lite. Your registration email will look something like the image below.

Timesheets Lite Registration Email

The basic process for registering the software is as follows:

  1. Start up Timesheets Lite and go to the Help->Registration screen.
  2. Copy the Registration Name from the email and paste it to the Registration Name field in Timesheets Lite.
  3. Copy the Registration Key from the email and paste it to the Registration Key field in Timesheets Lite.

  4. Timesheets Lite Registration Email
  5. Once you're happy with the details click the Unlock Software button. If you've entered the registration information correctly you'll get a registration successful message (see below).

  6. Registration Successful!

Timesheets Lite also offers a quicker and easier way of registering the software. If you want to try this method here are the steps:

Timesheets Lite Registration Email
  1. Copy the Registration License shortcut text from the registration email. This is highlighted in the email above. This text starts with **being cut here** and ends with the text **end cut here**.
  2. Start up Timesheets Lite and go to the Help->Registration page. Timesheets Lite will detect the Timesheets Lite registration information in the Windows Clipboard and show you the prompt below.

  3. Registration Details Detected
  4. Click Yes and the Registration screen will be shown with the Registration Name and Registration Key fields already filled in for you!
  5. Click the Unlock Software button you'll get a registration successful message.

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