The Timesheet in Timesheets MTS

The timesheet in Timesheets MTS provides a simple interface for users to log their time, travel, and expenditure against projects. It provides a simple interface allowing users to select a week, and then a day of the week, and then book any number of items against any project task for the selected day.

You can access the timesheet screen by clicking the Timesheet button on the main toolbar.

The timesheet screen comprises 4 main areas:

  1. Date Selection - select a day you want to add timesheets items to
  2. Timesheet Tab - lists time spent, and allows you to add, delete, and edit times booked.
  3. Travel Tab - lists travel, and allows you to add, delete, and edit travel booked.
  4. Expenditure Tab- lists direct expenditure, and allows you to add, delete, and edit expenditure booked.
  5. Issues Tab- shows issues that have either been raised or are assigned to the logged in user.
  6. Summary Tab- allows you to show summary timesheet information grouped by project and date.

Task Timer
A task timer is available to record the exact time spent on a task. To time a task select it on the timesheet list and click the start timer button. Alternatively if you decide to time a new task just add a task as normal and click the Time Task button on the Add Time screen to time the task directly.

To stop the timer click the Stop Timer button. To restart the timer on a new task you can also use the right click menu item

Favorites and Most Used Tasks
You can add tasks as favorites using the Favorites menu or right click menu. Just select the task you want to add as a favorite and click the Add as Favorite menu item. You can have up to five favorites and can clear the favorites using the Clear All Favorites or Clear A Favorite menu items.

Timesheets MTS also tracks your most used tasks for the last two weeks. These tasks can be added quickly by selecting the Most Used Tasks item from the Favorites menus.

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