Security Grilles

In todays troubled society often the only means of protecting your property is to prevent access to your property. Deterrents such as alarms systems are of limited effectiveness as many criminals simply get in and get out before the alarm call is attended (if it is attended at all). One way of preventing access to your property is by using Roller Shutters on your windows and doors. However, this can be expensive and roller shutters can be an unattractive and imposing visual presence on the outside of your property.

This is where security grilles can come into play. Technology for window security grilles has moved on from the old wrought iron grilles that are bolted to a wall. Now you can get security grilles that fix outside or inside the window. In addition they can be opened to one side or slid out of the way when they are not in use. This way they can be completely unobtrusive when inside the window or kept out of the way when not in use.

Modern window and door security grilles should contain quick release mechanisms to allow them to be opened easily from the inside. This is absolutely vital and should be insisted on when purchasing a window security grille. The reason? To allow you and your family or workmates to escape easily from the building in case of fire or some other emergency.

Types of Security Grilles

Window security grilles come in many styles. There are grilles that mimic the old wrought iron examples and can swing open to one side or slide out of the way of the window when not in use. There are also the so called 'security bar' window security grilles. Visually these are low profile, can be fitted internally or externally, and still provide and effective barrier to ingress. In most cases window and door security grilles will be made from steel or high tensile aluminium alloy. They should be available in a range of standard colors or could be powder coated to a color of your choice.