Copying and Moving Times

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Copying and Moving Times

It's quite a simple task to copy or move timesheet times between days using the Timesheets Lite timesheet screen. There's two ways to both copy and move times between days. The first is the easiest. Just select one or more times on the timesheet (click CTRL to select multiple times) and then drag and drop them them onto a different date on the timesheet calendar. You'll then be shown the popup menu as seen on the screen shot above. Just select the appropriate menu item to copy or move the times. Confirm this request by clicking Yes. You must select the times to move from the timesheet and not from a date on the calendar.

The second way to copy or move times using the timesheet is to select one or more times on the timesheet (again, use CTRL to select multiple times) and then click the right mouse button. A popup menu will allow you to either COPY the selected times or CUT the selected times. Choose the applicable item and then select another day on the timesheet calendar. Right click in the timesheet area again and there will be a PASTE option on the popup menu. Choose this, confirm your request by clicking Yes and the times will be created on the new day (and removed from their source if you chose the CUT option).

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