Employee Security Levels

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Timesheets Lite provides four security levels to allow employees differing levels of access to the system. The details of the four security levels are:

Employee Security Levels

Security Level


Level 1: Normal User

An employee with the Normal User access level is intended to be an employee who spends most of their time entering timesheet data. A Normal User can:

  • Enter timesheet information.
  • Run a detailed activity report showing their own activity.

Level 2: Reports User

A Reports User is intended to be a senior staff member responsible for one or more projects within the company. They are able to monitor all aspects of their projects, and create new normal users if required. A Reports User can:

  • Enter timesheet information.
  • Create, modify, and delete projects.
  • Run detailed activity reports.
  • Run invoicing reports to show all activity on projects.
  • Manage Common Activities.

Level 3: Project Manager

A Project Manager is intended to be a member of your staff responsible for financial functions and thus should be able to monitor activity on projects. A Project Manager can:

  • Enter timesheet information.
  • Run any reports on the reports screen.
  • Mark times as invoiced using the invoicing screen.

Level 4: Super User

An employee with the Super User security level can perform all Timesheets Lite software functions. A Super User can:

  • Do anything any of the other employee security levels can.
  • Log employees out using the Manage Connections screen.
  • Add, edit or delete employees of any security level.
  • View or change an employee password when it is forgotten.

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