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The Timsheets Lite Favorites allows users to tag particular projects as "favorites" and provides means to add these favorites to the timesheet faster than adding normal times. Timesheets Lite Favorites also keeps track of a users recently used timesheet projects and allows users to add these projects to the timesheet just as quickly.


When a time is selected in the timesheet it can be flagged as a favorite in two ways. The first is shown in the image above. Just click the Favorites menu and then the "Add Selected Time(s) to Favorites". The second method is to right click on the selected times and choose the "Add Selected Times(s) to Favorites" option from the menu that pops up.

Similarly favorite times can be added to the timesheet in two ways. The first is via the Favorites->Favorites menu, where all favorite times will be listed. Just select one and the Add Time screen will be shown pre-populated with your favorite details. Similarly, if you right click on the timesheet area and selected the "Favorites" option you can also choose a favorite project to add.

Favorites can be deleted from your favorites list by using the Favorites->Delete A Favorite menu. You can delete all favorites by using the Favorites->Delete All Favorites menu.

Most Used Projects

On both Favorites menus there's an additional item named "Most Used Projects". This contains a list of the five projects that have been most used by the logged in employee recently. The exact period is determined by the Recent Project Period setting on the Report Options screen.

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