The Report Screen

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All reports generated from Timesheets Lite are displayed in an interface similar to that shown above. This interface allows you to easily print, export, email reports as well as search and navigate through the reports. Some of the functions of the report screen are discussed below.

Exporting Reports.

All Timesheets Lite reports can be exported directly to Excel Files, Word Files, PDF, HTML and MHTML. They can also be exported directly to various forms of image files. Exporting a report is accomplished from the reports screen via the File->Export Document menu or via the Export Document toolbar button.

Searching and Viewing Reports.

Reports can be easily navigated through by using the page navigation buttons on the toolbar. It's also a simple matter to zoom in and out on a report using the Zoom toolbar button or the Zoom slider on the bottom right of the report window. Finally you can search for any data in a report by clicking the search button on the toolbar.

Saving and Opening Generated Reports.

All reports generated in Timesheets Lite can be saved and re-opened for later reference. To save a report click the Save button on the toolbar. To open a saved report click the Open button on the toolbar.

Emailing Reports.

The Timesheets Lite report screen allows you to export reports to different file formats (see above) and email them in a one step process. To do this just click the Email button on the toolbar.

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