Timesheet Software Testimonials

...all of our staff have been extremely impressed by the software, it's easy to use and maintain, has a good user interface, creates brilliant graphs and spreadsheets and is criminally good value for money!
M.W. Technical Director, UK

I must say I am very impressed with how you price the product, ie. # of simultaneous users. And I have looked at probably 20 products of this sort and yours is the 1st one that easily accommodates my situation, i.e., 4 managers who actually input the time for each of his/her 5 employees and with no unnecessary frills. Yours seems to very readily fill that need.
D.B. Director of IT, USA

We have been using Timesheets Lite for over a year. We are very pleased with Timesheets Lite and the high quality of service that comes with it. Timesheets Lite is perfect for our business model and we recommend it to anyone who bills for hourly services.
B.N. SEO Company President, USA

We have used Timesheets MTS since starting our manufacturing systems consultancy and later facility design consultancy in 2004 and have found it to be perfectly suited to our business. Data input and reports have met our every need and we have been able to manage and account for our time spent and costs incurred accurately and professionally. I would recommend this cost effective solution to any time based professional services business.
P.G. Manufacturing Consultant, South Africa

Thanks again for a great, affordable product. My company is a start up and small but we work with a number of freelancers in interface design, programming and eCommerce/marketing consulting in general. If things hold up the way they have, I will be your champion to all of them – this is a great, lightweight and affordable solution
J.R. Company President, USA

I am quite excited about this software - seems like something I have been looking for years!! Eventually I did a search that got something useful
A.P. Engineering Manager New Zealand

The application has been excellent! I can't tell you how much more efficient my time doing billing and invoicing is spent. I absolutely love the time activity report feature as that reduces my activity reporting and billing time to clients on an average of 8 hours per month per person.
R.F., Disaster Recovery Consultant, USA

Once again thanks for this it is terrific and what a top product (Timesheets MTS) for the price and Australian made as well!
P.B., Service Manager, Australia

Through a Google search I discovered your product. Focused on marketing communications including Web development I always struggle with a convenient way of keeping an accurate record of time spent on client projects.
I’m elated to have discovered Timesheets MTS and how easy it is to use. I enjoy the sophistication of the product without being overly complex…for me it is a perfect timekeeping solution.
Congratulations and many thanks for developing an excellent product!

G.K., Marketing Consultant, USA

...just purchased 5 of the Timesheets MTS program. It's a great program and very cost-effective.
E.M., Lead Chemist, USA

Our company is an electrical and mechanical engineering business based in Australia. We have been in business for nearly 5 years and have grown from 9 people at the beginning to over 40 at present. During this time we have been using Excel to record our time against projects and provide project costing reports, and after many attempts and revisions decided to purchase timesheet software to finally resolve this problem. We have spent many hours searching the internet for and trialling timesheet software, all of which has proved to be unsuitable and in most cases in our opinion overpriced. We have recently purchased your MTS software, and to date are delighted with its capabilities, suitability to our requirements, and value for money.
J.C., Engineering Manager, Australia

I've used Timesheets Lite a few years now. I remember troubles in the beginning with some local settings... Was it decimal point or dollar sign or something? Anyway Thanks for a great product. I'm using it in a EU funded project, being superviced by atleast two authorities, and my invoices / activity reports are accepted.
S.T., Norway

Your Timesheets Lite is a great bargain for the price. We couldn't have come up with anything remotely similar on our own without spending a lot more personnel time than you have already saved us.
S.N., IT Consultant USA

The program is now very good. What attracts us to it is its simplicity. We had looked at a number of others but they all had hundreds of features ranging from full accountancy packages to project management and document filing, which we did not need. As a result they were also very expensive by comparison to Timesheet MTS. We were put off by their complexity and cost.
M.C.,Architect Ireland

Love your Timesheets Lite tool! I needed at tool for keeping track on what I work on during the day, and how much time I spend on the 2-3 projects I work on -- Timesheets Lite has a LOT more features than I need, but the ones that I need are there. Easy and fast, that's how it should be :)
T.K.,Software Developer Norway

When i started as a freelance developer / designer, i was looking for a good timesheet software that would enable me to track my working time and bill it accurately. I then found Timesheet MTS software. The author of the software provides excellent support and response time, and the software is the best i've found and is the fine answer to my needs.
A.P., Web Developer, Belgium

I would also like to say that I am very impressed with the software as it has been well thought out for the application
S.L., Engineering Consultancy, UK

You're right; Timesheets is extremely easy to use. I started using it within a few minutes of downloading. I figured it out as I went along by clicking on "Help" every time I got to something new that I hadn't done before, and the instructions couldn't have been easier.

I am sure that my productivity quadrupled today. When I set up my project list, I realized I had been spending a disproportionate amount of time on tasks I'm not getting paid for. As soon as I realized that, it was so much easier to resist the temptation of reading all the articles I get each day, and organizing my office, and responding to every email as soon as it hits my mailbox. I got in the mode of competing against myself, to see how many hours of work I could get done and to make sure I was paying attention to all the projects that were the most important (as opposed to the ones that were in my face via emails from clients).
E.G., President, Marketing Company, USA

I have been using your programme for a few weeks now, and think it's great. I also like the improvements that you have made recently. After trying a few other programmes off the internet recently, yours in the easiest to use, and gives the best report outputs.
S.E., Consultant, Agricultural Consulting Company, UK

We are a database consultancy company. We were seriously looking for a software that could help us to track our technical consultants activities against the project we undertake, to measure the effectiveness of our delivery as well as to ensure our administrative procedures in managing the project is timely.

With Timesheet Lite, we were able to do just that. Today, timesheet is an integral part of our business process and we have gained much productivity in using the software. We also received excellent support from Moving Target Software, the company which developed the Timesheet software. They are most willing to listen to our comments and suggestions and very prompt in their response to our queries. We are most satisfied with the both Moving Target Software and the Timesheet software and highly recommend it to any organization that has a need for such an application.
S.S., Business Development Manager, Database Consultancy Company, Malaysia

Timesheets is a very easy way to store our time. Besides the reporting facilities are great and gives us a very good insight of the division of time over the projects and makes us alert of our own efficiency.

I have never met a company with such fast and helpful support.
D.A.,Engineer, Equipement Manufacturer, The Netherlands

Timesheets Lite is easy to learn and use, very affordable, and it does what it is supposed to do. But the most amazing feature is the support from MTS and Mark Nemtsas. From no other sw provider have I received bug fixes or new features on one day notice, or even less. Definitely worth trying!
A.M., Engineer, Electronics Manufacturer, Finland

Bravo!!! Thanks a million, your customer service and support has truly exceeded our expectations! Again, thank you very much for responding so quickly to our requests for enhancements.
S.B.,Software Developer USA