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Timesheets MTS - Time and Billing Software

Just $149 (US) or less per license

Want to recover ALL your chargeable hours? ALL your project material costs? ALL your project travel costs? Need project time tracking, expense tracking, and travel tracking for your projects?

Need to track them accurately and with minimum overhead? Do you need to close the loop and raise invoices that reflect your actual costs accurately? Then our Time and Billing Software package, Timesheets MTS is for you!

Current users of Timesheets MTS include:

  • Engineers and Engineering consultants
  • Accountants
  • Architects
  • Graphic Designers
  • Web Designers
  • A huge variety of freelancers
  • Consultants and consulting companies of all types

Timesheets MTS is ideally suited to ANY company or individual who provides services to companies and bills their time by the hour and needs to recoup their expenses.

Comprehensive Time and Expense Tracking

Timesheets MTS has comprehensive time and expense tracking facilities. It allows for different tax systems and includes your real cost (and profit margin) in every invoice calculation.

Benefits of Timesheets MTS

  • Reduce labor costs and increase accuracy by having your employees enter their own time and expense information using one data store on your network
  • Improve cash flows and debtors by billing your clients accurately based on actual activity and expenses
  • Improve quoting and your projects bottom line with comprehensive project based and client based reporting to track project progress
  • Project Timesheet software to help manage and track your employees work hours, travel, and expenses by client and by project

In one low cost solution Timesheets MTS gives you more accurate time and expense tracking, more efficient billing, and a stronger bottom line!

Timesheets MTS Allows you To

  • Bill by the hour, the minute, or configurable time unit.
  • Setup your own employee structure and default charge rates. Extra flexibility provided by allowing you to define a different billing structure for each client or project.
  • View multiple reports by date, project, or client
  • Raise and track issue items. Useful for service calls, software defect tracking, or customer relationship management
  • Provide multiple levels of user access
  • Reimburse your employees for their expenses
  • Configure it for different tax systems (like VAT and GST)

Timesheets MTS uses a concurrent licensing method, meaning you dont need to pay for each computer you install the software on, but only for the number of people you want to be able to use it at any one time. Our experience has shown that a 5 person company may only need to buy two licenses of Timesheets MTS!

Timesheets MTS

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