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Timesheets MTS Software is happy to make an older version of Timesheets Lite freely available to anyone who wants free timesheet software. While this version of the software is no longer being developed but can be used to easily track time in your business. You can install the free timesheet software on as many computers as you like, the only restriction on the timesheet software is that only one person can be connected to the timesheet database at a time. Our experience has shown that a company of 2-3 people can easily manage this restriction and thus have completely free timesheet software.

Useful Timesheet Software

Timesheets Lite is written for companies that cost bill their time on either a project or client basis. This could includes accountancy firms, consultants, or contractors. Tracking time spent on clients or projects is as simple as creating projects for each client and users for each of your staff and then having them enter time into the simple timesheet interface. Timesheets Lite integrates with Microsoft Excel to produce useful timesheet reports for easy invoicing, project time tracking, and project management.

Simple Timesheet Interface

We've spent a lot of time making our timesheet interface quick and easy to use. This means you can throw away paper or spreadsheet systems and have each person in your company enter their own timesheet data efficiently and with a minimum of fuss. Shorten your billing cycle and increase your billing accuracy today!

The free version of Timesheets Lite allows for single connections to the timesheet database, which will usually be fine for up to 3 people using the software if managed properly. The latest version of the software is available on a 30 day trial basis. Additional licenses can be purchased from our online shop.

Download the free timesheet software.

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Download DVDBase Full Installation Package
Download DVDBase .exe only package
Download DVDBase source code

A DVD collection database with a graphical front end and an Access backend. I did this because the only decent tool I could find was riddled with ads and had some features I didn't want. Main navigation window now uses a Windows Explorer analogue to sort on some DVD characteristics. Some elementary drag and drop functionality is also included.

Download the full install package here or just the .exe and .mdb files if you're confident your system won't need the full install. You won't need a full install if you are upgrading from a previous version. Just download the .exe download, unzip it, and copy dvdbase.exe to the directory you installed DVDBase in.

If you are the programming sort I've also decided to provide the source for this application. You'll need MS Visual Basic Version 6 to view this. Feel free to modify and use this code but if you do I would appreciate an email telling me what you're doing with it. Get it here