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Contract Programming Services

Timesheets MTS Software is able to provide fast, cost effective, and reliable contract programming services. If you need programming done in Visual Basic 6, C#, PHP, or javascript then why not talk to us about your requirements? We have developed three successful and reliable products installed in thousands of companies and an Online Time Clock System used by more than 200 companies. In addition to this we have developed dozens of custom solutions for companies around the globe.

Types of Projects We Can and Have Done

  • Data aware desktop applications using C# or VB6. We have integrated applications with Access, FoxPro, MS-SQL Server, and MySQL.
  • Desktop applications for: batch and serial control of manufactured product, maintenance of quality assurance systems, timesheet tracking, time and attendance tracking, staff peer review reporting, and various hobbly collection systems (such as DVD's, videos, and coins collections).
  • Desktop applications used to manage and manipulate online data and web content
  • Advanced VBA macro programming for production planning, finanical analysis, business modelling, and data manipulation.
  • Various web enabled applications including CRM systems, customer issue tracking systems, online ordering systems, and daily production planning systems.
  • Development of several database driven websites including our own subscription based Online Time Clock System.

Our Skills

  • C#
  • VB6 / ADO / RDO / DAO
  • COM Programming
  • VBA Automation of MS Word, Excel, Access, and Visio
  • Database Design, SQL
  • MySQL, MS Access, FoxPro, and MS-SQL development and DBA activites on each
  • PHP / HTML / javascript / AJAX

If you have some custom software development work you want done then drop us an Email and let us know what you'd like done.