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Currently Timesheets MTS Software processes software payments via Fastspring and Plimus.

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How Timesheets Lite licenses will you need?
How Timesheets MTS licenses will you need?

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Buy Licenses (read notes if you need more than 30 licenses)(1)
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$149 (US) or less per license

Buy Timesheets Software Now
$49 (US) or less per license
30 License Pack
Buy Timesheets MTS 30 License Pack Now
$1299 (US)

Buy Timesheets Lite 30 License Pack Now
$899 (US)
Enable support for SQL Server backend database (2)
Buy Timesheets Software Now
$200 (US)

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$130 (US)

(1) Our software supports up to 30 concurrent users (licenses) in standard form, if you want to use our software for more concurrent connections than this then you will need to enable support for the SQL Server backend database. Please read note (2) before doing this.

(2) In the standard configuration our software uses a Microsoft Access database to store critical information. Optionally you can enable the software to use a Microsoft SQL Server database to store this information. Please note that we do not include a Microsoft SQL Server license when you enable the software to use Microsoft SQL Server as a data store.

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