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Timesheets MTS License Calculator

Generally we recommend that you need 1 Timesheets MTS license for each 2-3 users you want to be able to use Timesheets MTS. While you can install Timesheets MTS on as many PC's as you like the number of licenses limits the number of people that can be logged into the software at any one time.

In some cases this license to user ratio can be different, depending on how you intend to use the software, and how many users you may have. Please make use of our handy Timesheets MTS license calculator below to determine how many licenses are best for you.

How many computers will you install the software on?:

How much will your employees use the task timer?:

Not At All
Some of the Time
All of the Time

Are you planning on using the check in / check out time entry system?:


Which Timesheets MTS database type are you planning on using?

Microsoft Access
Microsoft SQL Server / MySQL