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Timesheets MTS 1.2.1 Posted
15/01/04 1:51pm
Added ability to import and export time information between databases, printing of lists to print preview, Excel or HTML, various tweaks and bug fixes. Try the software now here. Buy it now at our shop..

Timesheets Lite 2.1.2 Posted
13/01/04 10:24pm
Added a new Project Completion Report showing actual and calculated project completion and hourly rates, and a user weekly time report showing time booked per week for each employee. Also some reorganisation of the project maintenance page and some new project fields. As normal download it here. Buy it now at our shop.

Timesheets MTS 1.2.0 Posted
09/01/04 15:16
A big update covering a huge number of improvements and bug fixes. Most of the improvements that have been tried out and added to Timesheets Lite have now found there way into the MTS product. Existing users will need to do a full install, just updating the executable wont work. Try the software now here. Buy it now at our shop.

Timesheets Lite 2.1.0 Posted
05/01/04 8:00pm
Another largish update. We've added an internal messaging system for better communications between users, and also added "common activities" which can be used to better track time spent on projects. Try the software now here. Buy it now at our shop.

Timesheets Lite 2.0.9 Posted
22/12/03 1:15pm
A pretty big update to Timesheets lite. Invoices have been added, as well as aged invoice/debtor tracking. Project charts are continuing to be refined as are user security and access levels. Quite a few other little features and bug fixes. Consult the file revision list.txt in the full install file for a full list of changes. Try the software now here. Buy it now at our shop.

Timesheets Lite 2.0.8 Posted
10/12/03 1:15pm
I've added more filters to the invoicing report and fixed up a bug in the project charts. Try the software now here. Buy it now at our shop.

Timesheets Lite 2.0.7 Posted
29/11/03 4:15pm
I've added more filters to the detailed activity report and Excel based project activity charts. Try the software now here. Buy it now at our shop.

Timesheets MTS 1.0.5 Posted
26/11/03 2:15pm
Lots of updates and enhancements to the software including Excel reporting, timesheet favorites, right click menus, calendar based timesheet and various other things. Try the software now here. Buy it now at our shop.

Timesheets Lite 2.0.6 Posted
24/11/03 1:06pm
Timesheets Lite 2.0.6 posted. Added some sub totals to the reports, and rejigged the favorites menus plus some other minor changes and fixes. The software can be found in the normal place here.

Timesheets Lite 2.0.5 Posted
20/11/03 1:16pm
Timesheets Lite 2.0.5 posted. The biggest update is that I've added plain text and HTML report format options to the main reporting form. There are some other small changes too but I dare anyone to spot them. The software can be found in the normal place here.

Timesheets Lite 2.0.4 Posted
18/11/03 6:40am
Timesheets Lite 2.0.4 posted. Changes include several requested by a registered user (including some new reporting options). I've also included a 'Tip of the Day' form and the beginnings of a Internet update function. It checks for new versions of the software quite reliably but the 'download new version' functions are a little unreliable. Anyway let me know what you think and I'll continue development of it. The software can be found in the normal place here.

Timesheets Lite 2.0.2 Posted
7/11/03 9:51am
Timesheets Lite 2.0.2 posted. Changes include various tweaks to the calendar on the timesheet page including dragging and dropping and selection of multiple days I've also moved away from decimal hours and allowed users to enter all times in hours and minutes, reporting is still in decimal hours for ease of multiplication for invoicing. There are a number of other changes, consult the Revision List file for details. The software can be found in the normal place here.

Timesheets Lite 2.0.0 Posted
30/10/03 1:01pm
A major update to Timesheets Lite has been posted. It includes a number of new features, interface tweaks, and fixes. Currently I am averaging 5 gigabytes a month from this server and this is costing me more than I can afford. So it's with a heavy heart that I have to introduce some sort of license cost for Timesheets Lite. It's still free for single database connections (and thus for up to 3 or 4 users if managed well) but for multiple connections I'm going to have to charge a small fee. Please consult the shop for details. The new version of the software can be found in the normal place here.

Timesheets Lite 1.1.12 Posted
01/10/03 9:43am
A fix was required for the newly added task timer, hence a new version is posted. New Version Here

Timesheets Lite 1.1.11 Posted
25/09/03 11:26am
A new version of Timesheets Lite has been posted that fixes some rounding errors, adds in some interlocks preventing users from editing things that shouldn't be, and includes some other little tweaks on the reporting side. I've also decided to include a 'task timer' that allows you to record the actual time spent on a new or existing task. I'm not convinced of how much use this will be.....but it's there anyway. New Version Here

Timesheets MTS in BETA
16/09/03 8:26am
Timesheets MTS is now in BETA, and will be released in some form or another soon. If testing goes well it'll be commercial, if not, it'll be as freeware until all the problems are ironed out. In the mean time I've added a section to the web page extolling the (questionable) virtues of the software. See it here.

Moving Target Software Gets it's own website!
29/08/03 8:47pm
I've finally got off my butt and got this website hosted on a real webhost instead of on my personal web space. I'm looking forward to making changes to this website to take advantages of some of the new features a real web server offers and in anticipation of the the imminent release of Timesheets MTS.

Timesheets Lite 1.1.9 Posted
21/08/03 12:02pm
A new version of Timesheets Lite has been posted that includes various sorting enhancements and includes a feature for exporting the records from all of the database tables to an Excel workbook. It is also enabled for a context sensitive help file that is available for just US$7.50.

Timesheets Lite Source Code
14/08/03 9:07am
I've been getting rather a lot of questions regarding the Timesheets Lite source code that I dont really have time to answer. To this end I've decided to make the Timesheets Lite source available for USD$100. I will then only answer questions from people who have bought the source code. I realise there are older versions of the source available for free but if you want the latest version this will be the only way. Sorry, but it was taking too much of my time.

DVDBase 1.0.2 Posted
4/08/03 1:14am
A rather major update to DVDBase has been released. This is in response to several requests and also in response to a reader who modified the software to suit his needs. New features include exporting of data to Excel, exporting of data to text and html,added some menu commands, and some elementary statistics. The most significant change is the ability to store scans of your DVD covers with the records. This feature (which I am just a little bit proud of) stores the pictures in the database so there's no need to keep all those files lying about your hard disk.

Get your new DVDBase here

Timesheets Lite 1.1.6 Posted
15/07/03 9:10am
After a lengthy break a new version of Timesheets Lite has been posted that includes a few improvements suggested by users. Apologies for no updates for a while but I've started a new job and have been working hard on Timesheets MTS, the commercial version of Timesheets Lite . Get your new Timesheets Lite here

Timesheets Lite 1.1.5 Posted
30/04/03 1:31pm
Finally fixed the type mismatch error, new version posted that includes this fix and a couple of other little interface issues.New Version Here

Timesheets Lite 1.1.4 Posted
8/04/03 2:15pm
A new update posted, it includes some new features including a new report and a new interface on the timesheet page. It also includes completely rejigged logging in routines to try to fix a bug that I STILL can't replicate. Get your timesheeting goodness from the free software page.

Timesheets Lite 1.1.1 Posted
8/04/03 2:15pm
I've posted an update that fixes up a few things and includes a bit more error handling in a somewhat desperate attempt to locate a bug I can't replicate. Fixes include handling US date formats, displaying when a user has a default password (and what it is), and some other bits and pieces. Enjoy.

Back At Last
7/04/03 3:00pm
I'm finally back after my wife gave birth to our first child, Lachlan James on 11/3/03. Both are doing well, although everyone is lacking in sleep :). Apologies to delays in responding to emails and for not posting an update of Timesheets Lite for a while.

Pre Download Information Form
13/03/03 3:00pm
Added a new form to ask people for info when they download anything from this site.

Timesheets Lite Version 1.1 Posted
04/03/03 7:45am
I've posted a pretty major update to Timesheets Lite and have included some new features, the most important being password controlled user access. As usual get your updates from our free software page.

VB .NET Snippets Posted
27/02/03 8:15am
I'm porting DVDBase to VB .NET long hand and have come up with a couple of snippets to do things I am used to doing in Visual Basic 6. Take a look at the VB .NET page for more information.

Timesheets Lite Update Posted
12/02/03 1:30pm
Version 1.0.3 of Timesheets Lite has been posted. This fixes a couple of useability issues and now includes an email form to email me any errors you may find. Current users will need to back up their timesheets.mdb file and do a full install rather than just an exe update. You can then copy your backed up mdb file back and keep using your existing data. As usual get it at our free software page.

Site Reorganisation
6/02/03 7:15am
Created a new front page more product focussed than "programmer" focussed. This is based on some useful feedback from several people.

Timesheets Lite Update Posted
3/02/03 9:27am
Yet another update to Timesheets Lite, fixes a bug and adds some functionality to the user creation and deletion side of things. See the free software page for the downloads.

Timesheets Lite Update Posted
31/01/03 9:47am
In response to a user I've posted an update of the Timesheets Lite software. Two new buttons have been added to the Options form. One will delete any logged in users just in case a user record is left hanging around, the other will backup the main database file. See the free software page for the downloads.

ADO Tutorial Posted
20/01/03 11:31am
A tutorial on the practical use of ADO (Active Data Objects) for Visual Basic has been posted. This tutorial is suitable for intermediate VB programmers and includes a sample project that uses an MS Access database. Feel free to take a look and foward all comments to me

Timesheets Lite Released
23/12/2002 8:42am
Timesheets Lite, a project based timesheet system has been released by Moving Target Software. Timesheets Lite allows employees to book their time against projects and includes reporting functionality for invoicing. Ideal for time and materials type companies like Accountancy firms, consultants, and contractors. See more at the free software page.

New Version of DVDBase Posted
18/12/2002 3:30pm
Made a change to the navigation method in DVDBase. It now uses a windows explorer type interface for some of the major sort keys. You can now drag and drop DVD's to change Genre/Region/Rating. See the free software page for the dowloads. As usual report all bugs to me with DVDBase in the subject line.

Redesigned Site Posted
16/12/2002 12:05pm
Welcome to the redesigned site. I borrowed heavily from Tweedy, whose design can be found on the open source web design page. Apologies for any design problems and the utter lack of any graphics. Perhaps one day I will grow an artistic bone in my body and try to make things look prettier.

DVDBase Bug Fix
12/12/2002 11:00pm
Updated the executable and source of the DVDBase application. Thanks to a poster on DVD Plaza for the help.

DVDBase Released
11/12/2002 9:03pm
The first freebie from Moving Target Software has been released and can be found here. I've also made a executable version available for people whose systems have up to date versions of MDAC and MSCOMCTL.OCX. DVDBase is a simple DVD collection database that enables people to keep track of their DVD collections. I hope it proves of some use to someone.

I've also decided to release the source for those who are interested. It's writting in VB6 with an Access backend. Have fun tinkering with it.

Site Posted
10/12/2002 4:00pm
Welcome to the Moving Target Software page. Excuse my poor web design skills. I hope to have several useful resources up on this page within the month, including some Visual Basic tutorials, some free software, and hopefully some low cost commercial software. For some of the free stuff I'll be releasing the source, so stay tuned.
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