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The engineering consultant typically carries out work on a project-by-project basis for a variety of different customers. Each of these projects can require work to be carried out by many different people at different skill and experience levels. This can mean that when quoting on a fixed price project or billing a time and materials project that there can be a lot of complexity. Being able to trap data accurately amid this complexity can be devastating to the business. Imagine a time and materials project where your costs were not recovered completely. Imagine a series of fixed price projects that were under-quoted consistently because the company had no idea a certain task is taking longer than expected.

Examples of the complexity that must be trapped are monitoring and reporting on the activity of engineers at different experience levels. Most engineering projects also require you to monitor the activity of ancillary staff such as engineering technicians and drafters. Without catching the activity of all these diverse people building an accurate engineering time billing picture is impossible. Either your cost recovery will be wildly inaccurate or your future quotes will be way off the mark.

A mechanical engineer who worked for several years in different engineering consultant offices as a junior engineer up to a project manager designed Timesheets MTS. You will find that it is ideally suited as engineering timesheet software with both data collection and reporting systems ideally suited to the industry. You can download the Free Trial now and start working with it. Can your bottom line afford you not to at least give it a go?