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Timesheets MTS contains 18 standard reports that have been added by us at the request of our users. This means that regardless of the industry you work in there's likely to be a report that will meet your needs. Additionally, most reports within the system are configurable on who, what, and when you report on activity. There are reports suitable for billing, reports suitable for project management, reports suitable for employee expenses, and various debtor and billing reports. For quick visual reference Timesheets MTS also can generate a range of graphs and charts directly within MS Excel.

In addition to this Timesheets MTS also allows you execute arbitrary SQL statements against its' database and export the results directly to Excel. You can read more about how to do this here. This post on our support board also includes some useful examples of how to pull information from the Timesheets MTS database.

The fact that Timesheets MTS makes use of either a MS Access or MS SQL Server database allows you to generate your own reports using a powerful report builder that you probably already have. MS Access contains a report builder that can generate almost any report you can think of and output the results directly to a printer or export it to any of the other programs in the MS Office suite. There's a great series on MS Access tutorials freely available that will help you get started. You can even make use of Access forms to build your own report dialogs to control how your reports are generated.

Finally if there's a report you'd love to see within Timesheets MTS and don't want it in a separate application we can add any report you'd like. We can do so for a small fixed price fee that doesn't vary regardless of the complexity of the report you want. If you'd like to see a report in Timesheets MTS specifically tailored for your business the drop us an email and we can talk about it.