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Time and Attendance Software - Protecting Employers and Employees Interests

Time and Attendance Software - Protecting the Employees

There are many cases of employees being underpaid by their employees for the hours that they have worked. In order to claim fair compensation it is often difficult for employees to be able to provide proof of their hours worked. If Time and Attendance Software was used then records of hours worked for the employee would have been easily available. These records, accurate to the nearest second, would have been recorded at a computer workstation and would include integrated tamper proofing to ensure good evidence in the case of underpayment. Thus, employees concerned with underpayments can be happy that with Employee Attendance Software running at their place of employment that records of hours worked and associated payroll calculations are both accurate and fair. An added bonus is that acts of accidental under-payment can be eliminated through the use of automatic payroll calculations and efficient reporting mechanisms.

Time and Attendance Software - Protecting the Employer

As well as there being cases of employer fraud, there are just as many cases of employee fraud with people trying to collect monies for hours not worked. Resolution of such cases can be costly and time consuming, with tempers becoming frayed and the moral of many within the workforce being affected. The use of time and attendance software lets employees know that their time and attendance information is being collected and recorded by automatic un-biased systems. Thus the employee attendance systems help to protect the employer from fraudulent over-payments as the number of false claims is reduced greatly.

A key area of employee fraud is 'buddy' punching, where one employee clocks in or out for another. Of course this is done to record fraudulent attendance information in an effort to make false claims for hours worked. Employee Attendance Software can help to eliminate this by the use of clock in/out PINs, magnetic card readers, or even biometric scanning. Each of these measures helps to eliminate buddy punching.

Time and Attendance Software - Protecting the Employee and the Employer

One of the keys to company profitability is the notion of an effective and efficient culture. Money is best spent on profit making enterprises rather than being wasted on administrative tasks, more profit often means a happier place to work, the potential for greater compensation, and of course a happier employer. Integration of Time and Attendance Software into a company can help eliminate some administrative tasks, reduce fraud, and hence increase profit. Key areas in which efficiency can be improved is with the implementation of automatic payroll calculations. The manual task of tallying paper time attendance records is eliminated, and a payroll superviser or book-keeper can save up to 5 minutes per employee per week by automating this seemingly simple task. Another area in which cost savings can be realized is in the area of cost center reporting, employee time and attendance software is able to provide real-time reporting by department, shift, or cost center, allowing rapid management decisions and a more flexible and capable business.