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Time Clock MTS - employee time clock software with payroll reporting

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Are you struggling with a manual timecard system or an antiquated mechanical punch clock? Do you waste hours a week tallying up hours, calculating overtime, and working out salaries? Are you sick of making the inevitable errors that these manual systems cause?

Perhaps your county or state has complex overtime regulations that you must comply with and you want a payroll system to cope with these easily? Do you have problems with employee attendance and invalid time sheets?

If you answer yes to any of these questions then Time Clock MTS is for you. In one low cost software package you can handle all of your employee attendance data collection process from the point of clock in and out through to accurate and timely payroll calculations.

With a single Windows based computer and Time Clock MTS you can record and report on employee work hours. Time Clock MTS is time clock software that completely replaces mechanical punch clock systems or manual time cards. One simple software package allows you to eliminate the wasted hours your accountant or book-keeper spends each week tallying up time cards into MS Excel or your payroll system. Time Clock MTS provides LIVE payroll reports generated in just moments that are accurate to the second.

Why You Should Use Time Clock MTS

  • Because you want to IMMEDIATELY save 2-5 minutes PER EMPLOYEE of your book-keeper or accountants time every week that is normally spent tallying up time cards.
  • To avoid heavy fines and employee troubles by having a payroll system that complies with your local overtime rules.
  • To lower your employee costs by minimizing over-payments.
  • Easy prevention of invalid clock in and outs by immediately implementing an employee PIN system.
  • Better control of your business by knowing at a glance who is at work and who is not.
  • Better employee cost control by reporting on wage costs by shift and department.

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