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Timesheets MTS Release Notes

Version:2.6.11 Released 8 January 2018
-Fix to unable to open file error in modGlobal.initialise
-Added periods for 2018 and 2019
-Fix to adding new contact giving multiple step operation error for SQL Server

Version:2.6.10 Released 20 October 2017
-All Excel code changed to late binding
-Message now displayed if Project Detailed Billable Report doesn't return any data
-Fixed query for Project Detailed Billable (Grouped) report for projects that do not have a project manager set

Version:2.6.9 Released 16 November 2016
-ENHANCEMENT - Added Sort by Project Number option to Project Detailed Billable Report and Grouped Project Detailed Billable Report

Version:2.6.8 Released 8 August 2016
-FIX to Daily Time Report for SQL Server
-FIX to employee selection on Payroll Timesheet report
-FIX to Project Gantt report.
-FIX to invalid NULL value error for Project Performance Report

Version:2.6.7 Released 15 February 2016
-FIX to non modal error when exceeding number of allowably concurrent database connections
-FIX to displaying non closed projects on Daily Time form.
-FIX to project filter not working on Daily Time Report

Version:2.6.6 Released 8 February 2016
-FIX - Fix to error when tips file has no read access
-FIX - Added periods for 2016 and 2017 to empty database
-FIX - Fix to saving project charge rates when regional decimal separator is not a period
-FIX - Clear false error 0 when setting up toolbars

Version:2.6.5 Released 19 January 2016
-ENHANCEMENT - All Customers option added to WIP reporting
-ENHANCEMENT - Customer column added to WIP reporting when All Customers option is selected
-ENHANCEMENT - WIP Invoicing of checked items not possible when All Customers Option is selected
-ENHANCEMENT - WIP reporting screen now remembers height and width
-ENHANCEMENT - Added Deactivated Setting to Contacts
-ENHANCEMENT - Deactivated contacts are no longer displayed in various lists and contact boxes.
-ENHANCEMENT - Added "Active Customers Only" checkbox to the project maintenance screen
-ENHANCEMENT - Added "Close Projects" button to the Contact Maintenance form. Can be used to close all projects for a given customer.
-ENHANCEMENT - Added "Current Projects Report" form. Added "show deactivated customers" and "show closed projects" checkbox to new form.
-ENHANCEMENT - Added field to Excel invoice.
-ENHANCEMENT - Added Check All / Invert options for all the list boxes on the activity reporting screen.
-ENHANCEMENT - Resized the Activity Reporting screen
-ENHANCEMENT - Added quick find box to login screen
-ENHANCEMENT - login screen now remembers the size
-FIX - Fix to Validation Timesheet showing wrong total time when projects were selected
-FIX - Fix to right click task timer menu issue that stopped a task being timed even though one was selected.
-FIX - Fix to daily time report where time descriptions have an apostrophe in them.

Version:2.6.4 Released 20 February 2015
-Fix to Project Expense Report
-Fix to new Project Detailed Billable Report (Grouped)
-Adjusted the colors at the top of the calendar for better contrast
-Fixed the export fields for invoices
-Set default values for the invoice template and the simple invoice template.

Version:2.6.3 Released 9 February 2015
-Fix to treeview on project maintenence when more than 32767 nodes displayed.
-Changed color at top of calendar on timesheet
-Added Project Detailed Billable Report (Grouped)
-Can now drag and drop multiple time items from the timesheet
-Added "Show Project Number on Timesheet" setting to Display Preferences screen. When set the project number is displayed along with the project name on the timesheet.
-Can now un-issue an issued invoice (but not a paid invoice)
-Can now delete multiple selected times
-Fixed an issue with the right click start timer menu item

Version:2.6.2 Released 15 June 2014
-Fix to invalid procedure call on logging int that some users were getting.

Version:2.6.1 Released 28 February 2014
-Sales tax can now be entered with two decimals.
-The travel code rate is recorded along with the travel record to prevent the rate changing for previously recorded travel items.
-The detailed travel report for super/financial/project managers now includes a user by user summary of travel for the report period.
-Added a project / task sort dropdown on the Tools->Options->Displayed preferences screen. Tasks/projects can now be sorted by number or name in ascending or descending order. This should affect all task/project dropdown lists in the software.
-Non billable times are now included in the timesheet daily/weekly/monthly timesheet totals when the non billable time fields/columns are not displayed.

Version:2.6.0 Released 7 October 2013
-Complete re-write of the travel form
-Added the travel codes list to the Tools->Options screen.
-Added "Use Travel Codes" setting to the Tools->Options->Display Preferences screen
-Added travel code dropdown to add/edit travel form when Use Travel Codes setting set
-Added cost field to travel form with Use Travel Codes setting is set
-Added travel code to travel description when Use Travel Codes Setting is set
-Normal security level users can no longer access the contact maintenance screen
-Current tab of contact maintenance set to contact details rather than additional fields
-Fixed up date display issue with Excel Activity report
-The timesheet now does a proper date sort for the date and a numerical sort for the time
-The expenditure sheet now does a proper date sort when more than one date is selected
-The travel sheet now does a proper date sort for the date when more than one date is selected and a proper numerical sort on travel distance
-Dragging and dropping time records, travel records, and expenditure records to different dates on the timesheet calendar now gives you the choice of either copying or moving the item.
-Added the daily time report
-Fixed various access issues with reports
-Fixed default text for add contact wizard
-Line item description for invoice line items is now truncated to 255 characters (rather than 30)

Version:2.5.7 Released 8 May 2013
-Fix to summary hours report

Version:2.5.6 Released 7 March 2013
-Fix to starting up software it was closed down from a minimized window.
-Removed check on time that was marked as non-billable for a billable project when non billable fields were not in use.
-Fix to height of time entry form for normal (non punch clock) interface
-When a project or task is copied on the project maintenance screen the created date is set to the current date
-Fixed a problem with the right click start timer menu that wouldn't work sometimes despite a time being selected
-The Summary Hours report now only reports on projects that have activity in the selected date range and lists employees that have booked time a given project in the selected date range

Version:2.5.5 Released 18 January 2013
-Expense incurred date now included on project expense report
-Option to display closed projects added to current projects report
-Changed employee abbreviation field to yellow to indicate it is a required field
- field added to the project task template
-Fix to project manager security on the project maintenance screen
-Project charge rates are hidden if a project mananger does not "own" a project
-added strFileArchiVeReference field to client codes screen
-fixed up some resizing issues on the client codes screen
-Changed saving of project tasks to change budget amounts of parent project when a task level budget is set
-Added selected data label to travel, expense, and issue tab on timesheet

Version:2.5.4 Released 21 August 2012
-Added show closed projects checkbox to invoice details form

Version:2.5.3 Released 14 August 2012
-Disabled employees no longer appear on login page
-closed projects no longer appear on invoice details screen for new invoices
-New setting added to stop project managers accessing the user maintenance screen
-Project customer PO field expanded to 255 chars
-Added Customer Project Reference field (255 chars)
-distance travelled now on validation timesheet

Version:2.5.2 Released 3 November 2011
-Disabled employees no longer included on two week timesheet
-Fix to Project Detailed Billable Report where there expenditure items and no time items
-Added some debugging code to the testConnection routine on the options page

Version:2.5.1 Released 29 September 2011
-Added the summary hours report
-Excel screen updating is disabled while the productivity report is generated
-Fixed up the "Error 0" while polling the mail store.

Version:2.4.35 Released 26 August 2011
-SQL/MYSQL database password is now encrypted in settings file.

Version:2.4.33 Released 23 October 2010
-Added mileage table to two week timesheet report
-Added billable project only setting to project performance report and project task report

Version:2.4.32 Released 28 September 2010
-Fixed up some resizing issues on the Project Task Report screen
-Added the project task budget report
-Added 'Show One Week Only' check box to the Two Week Timesheet report, this will show just the first week for the selected period.
-Added 'Show Active Projects Only' check box to the Two Week Timesheet report, this will show just projects that have had time spent on them in the selected period.

Version:2.4.32 Released 5 January 2011
-Fix to rounding issue on Project Cost Report
-Debugging added to detailed time reporting code
-Increased width of project fields on Detailed Activity Report screen
-Changed periods to suit 2011

Version:2.4.31 Released 15 July 2010
-Fix to weekday letter in Two Week Timesheet Report
-Fix to totals in two week timesheet report
-Added project number to project name on two week timesheet report

Version:2.4.30 Released 12 June 2010
-Added Two Week Timesheet report
-Fixed up problem with labels on value add report

Version:2.4.29 Released 2 March 2010
-Put "parent project" dropdown back on task maintenance page
-Added week start date to header of weekly time display report
-Added some debugging code in the print preview and excel version of the detailed activity report
-Added 'prevent overbudget posting' setting to tasks. When this is checked and the task hour budget is greater than zero no hours can be posted to the task when the total booked hours exceed the budget
-Fix to resizing on invoice maintenance screen
-Fixed a bug with the project closed date when doing a project search on the project maintenance screen
-Fix to resizing bug on project maintenance screen
-Fix to find contact text box on contact maintenance screen

Version:2.4.25 Released 10 December 2009
-Added Invoiced column to the Project Expenditure Report
-Added start date, due date, and notes columns to project issue report
-Fix to invoice number validation on invoice maintentance screen
-Fixed up small formatting problem with project task report
-Added 'use employee abbreviation' setting to the detailed activity report. Uses the employee abbreviation instead of the employees full name in the report.
-Fix to sizing of add / edit time window for vista / windows 7
-changed the way that the project and task drop downs work on the add time screen. You can just type in the first few letters of the project or task and it will fine the nearest matching item.

Version:2.4.23 Released 4 November 2009
-When adding a task set task start/end dates to date of task creation and task creation date plus one month
-Added project gantt report
-Added labor variance report
-Added task dependent timing setting to projects.
-Added predecessor field to tasks
-Added estimated task duration in days to tasks
-Added project classification to the current projects report
-Fix to installer to put report templates and invoice templates in the correct spot
-Debugging code added to catch multiple step errors in saving settings
-Debugging code added to catch error 430 in weeklyUserTime report
-Debugging code added to catch error 360 'cannot unload form in context' error

Version:2.4.22 Released June 9 2009
-Fix to search database export where some numbers were being exported as dates incorrectly.

Version:2.4.21 Released March 20 2009
-Fix to Excel Validation Timesheet

Version:2.4.20 Released January 7 2009
-Fix to invoice maintenance list total not updating correctly when 'this period only' box was checked.
-Can now select projects for validation timesheet report
-dates are now exported correctly to Excel using the Search Database function on the Tools menu
-Fix to invoice paid dates, sometimes the date was not updating correctly when moving from a non paid invoice back to a paid invoice and then back to a paid invoice again.

Version:2.4.19 Released December 8 2008
-Fix to project documents, when adding documents and moving between projects the document paths were not correct
-Changed task, project quote, and project other document fields to use the project document folder as the initial folder
-Fix to project document list that showed documents with no title when no title was entered

Version:2.4.18 Released November 28 2008
-Fix to tool tip text for document buttons on project maintenance screens
-Some tweaks to the document buttons to make sure the default project document directory is used when adding a new document
-Replaced the mask edit box on the user maintenance page with a text box

Version:2.4.17 Released October 13 2008
-Fix to project manager security (again)

Version:2.4.16 Released October 3 2008
-Fix and extra debugging for invalid index error caused by last release

Version:2.4.15 Released October 1 2008
-Fix to project manager security not being able to add tasks even though set to be able to
-Extra debugging code for recurring getdailytotal error
-Fix to invalid period error when right clicking on a task to time it the first time you enter the timesheet
-Some relayouts of the options screen to give more space to user charge rates, document categories, and project stages
-Numeric columns on invoice screen are now sorted correctly when clicked on

Version:2.4.14 Released March 6 2008
-Fix to rounding error on Activity Report for SQL Server users
-You can now password protect the Access Database backend. You'll have to have MS Access to do this and add your own password. The software will detect if a password is required and prompt you to enter it.

Version:2.4.13 Released August 9 2007
-Potential fix to 35600 error occurring on login

Version:2.4.12 Released August 8 2007
-Error reporting now done via website rather than via email

Version:2.4.11 Released July 23 2007
-Fix to security of detailed project task report
-Added project cost report
-Added project external invoice value
-Added project external invoice value option to productivity report
-Added some debug info to the writecustomertotal function to determine where a type mismatch error might be ocurring
-Fix to standard cost item sales where correct project/task were not being selected when an existing item sale was being edited

Version:2.4.10 Released June 21 2007
-Fix to project performance report to stop it spreading across two pages
-Fix to language file problem that was not releasing a file lock and stopping new settings from loading

Version:2.4.9 Released June 13 2007
-Fix to type mismatch error on client code table creation (only happens on windows vista)

Version:2.4.8 Released June 10 2007
-Added project classification setting to projects
-Added project classification filter to project maintenance display
-Project filters on the project maintenance page are now remembered
-Added checkboxes and date picker controls to the languages files
-Added template location setting for the detailed project task report
-Changed some settings for the detailed project task report and excel invoice to prevent access violation errors when using Excel 2000 and generating these reports
-Added a the quote number and new quote flag to the detailed task report template
-Customer name is now printed on the project performance report.

Version:2.4.7 Released 15 May 2007
-Changed detailed task report to late binding to try to fix Excel 2000 access violation error

Version:2.4.6 Released 3 April 2007
-Added new quote field to project maintenance
-Added quote number field to project maintenance
-Added auto quote numbering, and custom quote number prefix to options page

Version:2.4.5 Released 21 March 2007
-FIx to invalid field error when adding a contact

Version:2.4.4 Released 14 March 2007
-Fix to print format screen

Version:2.4.3 Released 8 March 2007
-Fix to download of latest update, was downloading the correct file but saving it as a ZIP.
-Workaround if the tips.txt file is not found to stop a hard crash
-Added error line reporting to the settings when they are loaded
-Updated Tips screen to the new style

Version:2.4.1 Released 26 February 2007
-Fix to column header on user maintenance page (was titled first name when it should have been abbreviation)
-Fix conversion error for project charge rates for countries using a comma as a decimal separator

Version:2.3.2 Released 23 November 2006
-Disabled projects are now red
-Project expense report now shows up to 255 characters for the description
-Excel invoices now display units up to 4 decimals
-Project list for expenses and travel are limited to 12

Version:2.3.1 Released 15 November 2006
- Fix to expenses entry where the tax amount and the expense amount were being swapped when autocalculating tax
- Expense type label fixed
- Expense type disabled when set to non billable
- Fix to employee re-imbursement report where non billable items were not showing
- Fix to employee reimbursment that was giving a hard crash
- The job costing and productivity reports were showing expenses with tax included, now has tax ex values
- The invoiced expense amount for the job costing and productivity reports was always zero, now reporting correctly
- Fix to invoice list view that was giving a hard crash when set to show this periods invoices only and when the decimal separator is a .

Version:2.2.9 Released 19 September 2006
-Enabled scroll bars on project and task description boxes
-Can now navigate through the project maintenance screen using the cursor keys and have the project/task display update properly
-Fix to invalid order by clause error shown on project task report
-Added error handling code to the find project text field on the project maintenance screen
-Fixed up data export that was allowing export of the " character which messed up the import
-Fix to invoicing where a custom line item was added and then deleted (without saving it) and it would still show up on the printed invoice and the invoice total would be wrong
-Add point in time charge recording to times. When a time is recorded or the time task is changed a snapshot of the user charge rate is stored with the time. Not currently used anywhere but will be in the future.

Version:2.2.8 Released 1 September 2006
-Fix to simple invoice maintenance page where paid setting of invoice was not being saved
-Limited length of project dropdown boxes to 12 items
-Added to Invoice Template, this pulls the customer details from the invoice rather than directly from the customer database, as the two may be different
-Extra line added between projects on detailed reimbursement report
-Fix made to contact database that prevented contacts from being added when all contacts were deleted

Version:2.2.7 Released 17 August 2006
-Fix to detailed project billable report where expense value was shown with only one decimal
-Fix to sub totals on detailed project billable report where project names for sub total was wrong
-Can now set a start/end times as the same time for punch clock interface
-Fix to Item Cannot be found error for LoadByProject method
-Fix to simple invoicing to prevent it picking up non billable expenses
-Fix to invoicing where value of expenses inc tax was being used to markup, now uses total value not inc tax
-As above but for simple invoices
-Fix to SQL Server connectivity that was broken in v 2.2.4
-Project task report is now sorted by project number

Version:2.2.6 Released 8 August 2006
-Top aligned cost item cells on project detailed billable report
-Fixed up SQL Server connection issue

Version:2.2.4 Released 20 July 2006
-Fix to field not found error on settings load
-Fix to SQL 2005 connection error that prevented previous versions connecting properly

Version:2.2.3 Released 18 July 2006
-Fixed up printing of user list where time requirement was not printing correctly
-Estimated user hours were being saved correctly on project maintenance but not displayed correctly
-All user dropdown lists are now sorted alphabetically on last name
-Added project managers can add projects security setting
-Added project managers can edit projects security setting
-Added project managers can delete projects security setting
-Added project managers can add tasks security setting
-Added project managers can edit tasks security setting
-Added project managers can delete tasks security setting
-First day of week can now be set to any day (not just monday or sunday)
-The project number is now displayed in all favorites lists

Version:2.2.2 Released 30 June 2006
-Fixed up type mismatch error when modifying a SQL Server database on software start
=Added loading field to times, can be switched on via Options->DIsplay Prefs, currently doesnt actually do anything but longer term will be integrated into billing and reporting to allow infinitely variable billing rates at the individual item level
-Super users can now add/edit/delete activity items (time, travel, expenses) for any other user. Can be switch on via Options->Display Prefs
-Added employee department field
-Added quote flag and quote due date to projects
-Description field on the project detailed billable report is now word wrapped
-Fix to timesheet column width saving which caused an overflow error on computers using the comma as a decimal separator
-Fixed up the search for contact box that would cause a hard crash when pressing enter after searching for a non existant customer

Version:2.2.1 Released 8 June 2006
-Fix to overflow error seen when invoicing a fixed price project with 0 invoice value
-Added project performance report
-Added current projects report
-Changed the invoice report to Excel Only
-Changed the invoice report to include totals, project number/name, and tax ex amount
-Fix to login screen that would login wrong person if using the keys to scroll through the user list rather than clicking on the names with the mouse
-Change to Excel version of expense report to show user the expense applies to.
-Change to productivity report to actual expense cost to include tax in calculation
-Fix to travel form not being filled properly when double clicking on a travel item
-Changed Detailed Project Billable report to include travel and expense items
-Changed project task report to display task description
-Project task report now remembers the last size it was.

Version:2.1.8 Released 4 January 2006
-Added contact manager field
-Added contact classification field, the drop down list allows you to dynamically add classifications and these are stored in the database.
-Some changes to the simple invoice template, see http://www.timesheetsmts.com/simple-invoice-template.htm for more information
-Simple invoices now calculate sales tax automatically when generated
-Tax amount now displayed on WIP reporting screen
-Added fixed price invoicing field and invoice total to the project maintenance screen, in anticipation of the fixed price invoicing functionality due in the next version.
-Added Quantity Manufacture field to project maintenance, used on the Job Costing report
-Added the job costing report, basically this is the productivity report with three new columns, the quantity manufactured column (see above), total project cost column, and unit cost column.
-Fixed to Project Detailed Billable Report, the last task in the report was not totalling correctly.
-Fixed to Value Added Report, the last task in the report was not totalling correctly.

Version:2.1.7 Released 2 December 2005
-Fix to validation timesheet that was showing the weekday incorrectly
-Modified the validation timesheet to show start/stop times in the first two columns of report
-Fix to marking invoices as issued for windows installations using . as a date separator
-Fix to project detailed billable report that was giving incorrect task totals for some tasks
-Added Value Add report which is very similar to the project detailed billable report but with a value add multiplier and the value add amount.

Version:2.1.6 Released 26 November 2005
-Added Monthly Project Report - gives a breakdown by calendar month and user type and the accrued time costs -Added payroll timesheet report, simply prints out hours per day on a week by week basis -Modified validation timesheet to give daily subtotals, list the date with each day, and optionally print a timesheet from an arbitrary date range rather than the week only timesheet -Project closed date and task closed date hidden when project is open -Total value of expense simple invoice line items changed to expenditure amount net of any sales tax -,, and data fields added to simple invoice templates -Simple invoice template prints and invoice template prints are now trimmed of any leading or trailing spaces -Fix to timed tasks where the description was not saved if editing the timed task while it was being timed. -Another fix to the deleting user types screen, the previous fix didn't work.