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Timesheets Lite 3.5.7 Released

By Mark Nemtsas at 10:14 AM

Version 3.5.7 of Timesheets Lite has been released today. This release significantly improves the efficient use of the timesheet screen and also addresses some minor issues that have been discovered recently. Here's a detailed list of the changes made in this new version:

  • Standard keyboard shortcuts to cut, copy, and paste times on the timesheet have been added. CTRL-C to copy the selected times, CTRL-X to cut them, and CTRL-V to paste them.
  • CTRL-A now selects all times on the timesheet.
  • The right click menu options on the timesheet to copy/cut times now just copy or cut the selected times rather than the entire day's times.
  • CTRL-BACKSPACE now deletes the previous word in the Description field on the Add/Edit time screen.
  • When dragging and dropping times from the timesheet to different days on the calendar a message asks users to confirm the action. This message can now be dismissed permanently.
  • Pressing the ESCAPE key will now close most Timesheets Lite screens.
  • Pressing the ENTER key will now trigger the SAVE button on most Timesheets Lite screens.
  • Fixed a bug with FLOAT columns when using MySQL as a backend database.
  • Fixed a connection type cast error when using MySQL as a backend database.
  • Fixed a problem with typecasting INT32 to INT fields when using MySQL as a backend database.
  • Fix to the Detailed Activity Report when the number of projects or employees is exactly divisible by 40.

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