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Installing our Software

By Mark Nemtsas at 9:58 AM

Installing our software products is simple. Just follow these steps:

1. Double Click on the Downloaded Installation File

Once the installation file has finished downloading to your PC you can double click on the downloaded file to start the software installing.

2. Run the Installation File

Depending on how your computer is setup you might see a security window when you run one of our installation files. It should say that the publisher is Timesheets MTS Software, if it does not please contact us To proceed click the Run button.

3. Start the Program Installer

The installer should now start. Read the instructions displayed and click the Next button to continue.

4. Accept the Licence Agreement

Our software installers will now display the licence agreement. If you are happy with the agreement you must accept it by selecting the I accept the agreement option and clicking the Next button to proceed.

5. Select Destination Location

It's strongly recommended that you leave the destination location as suggested by the installer. Click the Next button to proceed. Note that if you've installed the software on your computer before you might get a warning that already exists. Would you like to install in that folder anyway? If you do, click Yes to continue.

6. Select Start Menu Folder

It's strongly recommended that you leave the start menu folder as suggested by the installer. Click the Next button to proceed.

7. Select Additional Tasks

Check the Create a desktop icon checkbox if you want a shortcut to the software created on your Windows desktop. Check the Create a Quick Launch icon checkbox if you want a shortcut to to the software created in the quick launch area of your Windows taskbar. Click the Next button to proceed.

8. You're Ready to Install!

Now that the installer has got all the information it needs from you it's time for the software to be installed. Click the Install button to get started.

10. You're Done!

Your software installation is now complete. Check the Launch checkbox if you want the software start running when you close the installer. Click the Finish button and you're done.

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