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Timesheets Lite and a Freelance Writer

By Mark Nemtsas at 11:23 AM

Ronimarie Acord has been using Timesheets Lite for several years and has just sent through some kind words about the software. You can view her LinkedIn profile here if you're looking for a freelance writer/editor to help you out!

As an independent editor, I found a simple. no-cost way to track my clients' projects in the free program offered by Timesheets MTS Software. Unbelievably, the folks at Timesheets MTS have also given this nonpaying user excellent tech support. I have used TimesheetsLite Version 2.1.11 for at least the past five years. Not only is it easy to understand and use, but it provides Excel reports that I send to clients along with their invoices.
Thank you, Timesheets!

I recommend Timesheets MTS Software to any small- to mid-sized company looking for an efficient, cost-effective way to track employees, projects, and time.

Ronimarie Acord

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