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Timesheets Lite Version 3.5.8 Released

By Mark Nemtsas at 7:55 AM

Today sees the release of version 3.5.8 of Timesheets Lite. This release addresses some small issues that have been raised with us in the last few weeks:

  • One user reported that the task timer seemed to slow down somewhat (up to 10%) when his CPU was under heavy load. This was odd as the timer code was designed to be independent of actual update interval (which we realize is never constant). Upon examination of the code we identified two areas where a latency of 10 or 20ms could have resulted in the timer running slower than expected. This is despite the fact that we could never replicate the behavior in our offices. We've eliminated those areas of potential latency and user who reported the issue has tested the fix and informed us that it appeared to have rectified the timing issue.
  • Fixed a problem when re-connecting to an Access database using the database connection wizard.
  • A bunch of extra logging added to the DatabaseDriver class in an attempt to address the above issue (but it turns out the fix worked anyway).

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