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Timesheets MTS Version 2.6.5 Released

By Mark Nemtsas at 11:53 AM

We've just released Timesheets MTS version 2.6.5. This includes a number of enhancements that have been suggested by users of the software.

  1. All Customers option added to the WIP Reporting screen. This displays WIP for all customers, adds a column to show the customer name with each WIP item and includes the customer column when printing the WIP Report. WIP Invoicing is not possible when the All Customers option is selected.
  2. The height and width of the WIP Reporting screen is stored and remembered each time the screen is accessed.
  3. Contacts now have a "Deactivated" flag. Deactivated contacts do not appear in various contact dropdown lists and list views.
  4. A button has been added to the Contact Maintenance screen that allows you to close all projects associated with the currently selected contact.
  5. A new checkbox has been added to the Project Maintenance screen called "Active Customers". When checked only projects from customers who are not deactivated will be displayed.
  6. The Current Projects Report can now be filtered to not display projects from deactivated contacts (as well as filtering out closed projects).
  7. <CUSTOMER_CONTACT_MANAGER> data field added to both simple invoice and invoice template printing.
  8. Check All and Invert Selection options added to all lists on the Activity Reporting criteria screen.
  9. The Activity Reporting criteria screen has been re-sized for easier use.
  10. The Login screen now remembers the size of itself if you re-size it.
  11. A QuickFind box has been added to the Login screen. Enter a few characters into the box to quickly find the user with that name. The wildcard * can be used to find characters in the middle of the user's name.
  12. Fixed the Validation Timesheet that would display the incorrect total time if the report was not run for all active Projects.
  13. Fix to the Right Click menu on the Timesheet screen that wouldn't start the task timer even though a time item was obviously selected.
  14. Fixed the Daily Time report where an apostrophe was present in the description.

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