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Timesheets Lite Version 3.5.9 has just been released. It includes two major changes:

  • The login screen has been redesigned to remove the intermediary password entry screen,
  • All password entry text boxes have been replaced with a generic control to fix up screen freezes in Windows 10. This problem only occurred if the Windows tablet data entry service was running or the Windows On Screen Keyboad (OSK) was displayed.

By Mark Nemtsas at 2:57 PM

Today sees the release of version 3.5.8 of Timesheets Lite. This release addresses some small issues that have been raised with us in the last few weeks:

  • One user reported that the task timer seemed to slow down somewhat (up to 10%) when his CPU was under heavy load. This was odd as the timer code was designed to be independent of actual update interval (which we realize is never constant). Upon examination of the code we identified two areas where a latency of 10 or 20ms could have resulted in the timer running slower than expected. This is despite the fact that we could never replicate the behavior in our offices. We've eliminated those areas of potential latency and user who reported the issue has tested the fix and informed us that it appeared to have rectified the timing issue.
  • Fixed a problem when re-connecting to an Access database using the database connection wizard.
  • A bunch of extra logging added to the DatabaseDriver class in an attempt to address the above issue (but it turns out the fix worked anyway).

By Mark Nemtsas at 7:55 AM

Ronimarie Acord has been using Timesheets Lite for several years and has just sent through some kind words about the software. You can view her LinkedIn profile here if you're looking for a freelance writer/editor to help you out!

As an independent editor, I found a simple. no-cost way to track my clients' projects in the free program offered by Timesheets MTS Software. Unbelievably, the folks at Timesheets MTS have also given this nonpaying user excellent tech support. I have used TimesheetsLite Version 2.1.11 for at least the past five years. Not only is it easy to understand and use, but it provides Excel reports that I send to clients along with their invoices.
Thank you, Timesheets!

I recommend Timesheets MTS Software to any small- to mid-sized company looking for an efficient, cost-effective way to track employees, projects, and time.

Ronimarie Acord

By Mark Nemtsas at 11:23 AM

Version 3.5.7 of Timesheets Lite has been released today. This release significantly improves the efficient use of the timesheet screen and also addresses some minor issues that have been discovered recently. Here's a detailed list of the changes made in this new version:

  • Standard keyboard shortcuts to cut, copy, and paste times on the timesheet have been added. CTRL-C to copy the selected times, CTRL-X to cut them, and CTRL-V to paste them.
  • CTRL-A now selects all times on the timesheet.
  • The right click menu options on the timesheet to copy/cut times now just copy or cut the selected times rather than the entire day's times.
  • CTRL-BACKSPACE now deletes the previous word in the Description field on the Add/Edit time screen.
  • When dragging and dropping times from the timesheet to different days on the calendar a message asks users to confirm the action. This message can now be dismissed permanently.
  • Pressing the ESCAPE key will now close most Timesheets Lite screens.
  • Pressing the ENTER key will now trigger the SAVE button on most Timesheets Lite screens.
  • Fixed a bug with FLOAT columns when using MySQL as a backend database.
  • Fixed a connection type cast error when using MySQL as a backend database.
  • Fixed a problem with typecasting INT32 to INT fields when using MySQL as a backend database.
  • Fix to the Detailed Activity Report when the number of projects or employees is exactly divisible by 40.

By Mark Nemtsas at 10:14 AM

Thanks to Patrick Malloch of Malloch Architecture in Auckland, New Zealand. Here's what he had to say about our simple time tracking software, Timesheets Lite.

Timesheets Lite is an integral part of my day. Timesheets Lite has allowed me to quickly check on the efficiency of my tasks against quotations. It also allows me to generate reports and Invoice clients accurately, simply and quickly. It has been so flexible and useful I advise my clients and consultants to use it. I also use it to control my unbillable time and track time spent on research, administration and Family time. Control freak? maybe......but I know what I did three months ago and can break it down to the minute!.

By Mark Nemtsas at 11:21 AM

Maureen Carroll, the founding industrial designer of Creature Product Development has just sent in some unsolicited feedback about our low cost timesheet software. Creature Product Design had been using the free version of Timesheets Lite for a few years and in the last few months decided to upgrade to the commercial version. Here's what Maureen had to say:

So, I've got some unsolicited (!) feedback on your product, now that we've purchased it for 4 users.

1.Overall, we love that this is a basic product that doesn't try to get fancy and isn't loaded down with useless features that a creative type doesn't want.
2.None of us use the timer feature - we just don't work that way.
3. We all really like that we can easily check our hours on a project at any time.
4. I really like the pricing - if it wasn't priced this way, I would be doing this on Excel, because there is NO WAY I will pay a monthly fee for a timesheet program.

Thanks for the feedback Maureen, it's always great to hear back from users of our software!

By Mark Nemtsas at 12:20 PM

November 24, 2013

Timesheets Lite 3.5.6 Released

I've just made version 3.5.6 of our simple timesheet software available for download. This release addresses the following issues:

  • Fixes a query too complex error which was thrown for the Weekly Project Report when your project list exceeded 100 projects.
  • Fixed a time display issue when the HH:MM:SS display format was used.
  • Fixed an issue with various reports that could prevent data being displayed if no customer filter was selected.
  • Fixed a problem with the details of the displayed project when timing the project.

There's also been a rather major update to the installer for Timesheets Lite to detect and download (if necessary) the .NET 4.0 Framework from Microsoft. We're doing this now to ensure full compatibility of Timesheets Lite with Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.2. If you're updating from a previous version of Timesheets Lite then that installer should also detect if you've got .NET 4.0 installed and download it if required.

As always you can download the latest versions of Timesheets Lite from our downloads page. There's an installer there that allows users to update an existing installation of Timesheets Lite. This installer can also be automatically downloaded and installed from within Timesheets Lite using the Tools->Check for Updates menu.

By Mark Nemtsas at 12:21 PM

Timesheets Lite version 3.5.5 has just been released. This new version includes a fix for a startup error some users were experiencing. It also fixes up an installation problem seen only in Windows 8.

By Mark Nemtsas at 12:06 PM

In the last couple of days I've released new versions of Timesheets Lite and Timesheets MTS. Timesheets MTS was taken to version 2.5.7 and the only change was a fix to the Summary Hours Report. Timesheets Lite was taken to version 3.5.4. The only change made to that version was to check for the command line parameter "MultipleInstance". When set multiple instances of Timesheets Lite can be run on the same computer.

By Mark Nemtsas at 7:13 AM

Timesheets Lite Version version 3.5.2 has just been uploaded. This new release of our employee time tracking software fixes up a display bug on the main timesheet screen when the activity column was displayed. It also fixes an issue with column widths not being saved and restored correctly. A change has been made to the scaling method used when columns are resized automatically when the main window is resized manually. A final change is the addition of an "AutoFit Columns" menu item on the right click timesheet menu.

By Mark Nemtsas at 2:15 PM