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Timesheets Lite Version 3.4.7 Released

By Mark Nemtsas at 8:36 AM

I've spent the last couple of days working on Timesheets Lite focussing on improving performance in some key areas and adding some tweaks that have been suggested by users of the software. The result is version 3.4.7 of our employee timesheet software. Here's a list of the changes in detail:

  • The time task checkbox has been removed from the Add/Edit time screen and replaced with a time task button.
  • The icons for the Start / Stop timer buttons on the main timesheet have been changed.
  • The login screen now only displays active employees.
  • Added the "No Employee Posting" setting to the Project Information screen. When set the project cannot have times posted to it by Normal employees. Project managers and super users can still post times to the project.
  • When setting the common activity of a time the description of the activity will automatically be added to the time description if there's no existing description.
  • A couple of tweaks made to configuration file handling to speed up access for non-existent configuration settings/values.
  • Complete re-write of the way various lists are populated. Those with very long project/employee/activity lists should see a decent speed improvement in screen loading time.
  • Fix to monthly timesheet total when editing a timesheet for an employee other than the current logged in employee.
  • Fixed the title on the Employee Timesheet report.

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