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Timesheets MTS is ideally suited to companies that bill their employees time to their customers. It provides for an extremely flexible time billing structure that allows you define billing rates by employee, employee group, or a varied charge structure by project or client.

What Sort of Businesses Benefit from Time Billing Software

Traditionally businesses that bill by the hour or by some other time unit benefit the most from the use of Time Billing Software. Our clients that use Timesheets MTS include architects, software developers, accountants, lawyers, engineering consultants, technology consultants, web developers, electronics consultants, and marketing consultants.

Benefits of Using Time Billing Software

Using centralized time tracking software allows you to do away with cumbersome manual or spreadsheet based solutions, significantly improving efficients. It also allows you to collect much more accurate information. This results in better cost recovery for time and materials work, and potentially more accurate quoting for fixed price contracts. As work on a project proceeds Timesheets Lite provides project managers with completely up to date reports and charts. This allows them to monitor project expenditure and progress in virtually real time. Ease of use means that this is not a chore to project managers, they can spend more time managing their projects rather than struggling with the intricacies of a complex project management tool on a day to day basis.

Timesheets Lite is focussed on one key functionality, time tracking. It does this efficiently and at a low up front cost. This means that the ROI for Timesheets Lite is realized not in months or years, but often weeks and days. One of our clients proved to herself that the simple graphical representation of how she spent her time resulted in cost savings that paid for the software the first day she used it.

Useful Time Tracking Reports

Timesheets Lite is designed to be quick, easy to use, and to enable all of your employees to enter their own timesheet data. Additionally it is designed to produce flexible and useful reports that can be used with your other business software systems. Generating invoices in your 3rd part accounting system will be simple using the Excel, HTML, or plain text reports from Timesheets Lite.


The benefits of time tracking software are many, and often the price is high to match. If you need a low cost system with a fast ROI, and you need time tracking software to be simple, easy to use, and have minimal administrative overhead then Timesheets Lite is for you.


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